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Discover the essence of quality and aesthetics with Vipra’s Aluminum Short Caps. These caps are designed for excellence, with a strong focus on the Pharmaceutical & Spirits industries. Our Aluminum Short Caps provide a secure and leak-proof seal, ensuring that your products are packaged with the utmost care and precision.

Secure & Leak-Proof

Our Aluminum Short Caps guarantee the safety and integrity of your products
with a secure, tamper-evident, and leak-proof seal.


Elevate your brand’s identity by custom printing your logo on our Aluminum Short Caps.

Aesthetic Appeal

Our short caps are not just functional; they’re designed to be visually pleasing, enhancing the overall look of your products.

Crack Resistance

Vipra’s Aluminum ROPP Short Caps are engineered to be crack-resistant, ensuring your products are free from contamination, evaporation, leakage, and more.

Key Features of Our Aluminum Short Caps

Versatility in Sizes, Styles, and Colors

We understand that every business has unique packaging needs. That’s why our Aluminum Short Caps come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or a bold statement, Vipra has options that suit your individual business requirements.

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Elevate your packaging with Vipra’s premium Aluminum Short Caps. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, request samples, or place an order.

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About Vipra Closures

Pioneers in Quality Packaging

Established in 2002, Vipra Closures has emerged as an industry leader renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. With a relentless pursuit of excellence in all facets of our operations, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Global Reach, Local Excellence

We proudly serve a diverse range of industries, including wine, spirits, pharmaceuticals, and more, as one of India's largest exporters of closures. Internationally recognized, Vipra Closures holds a strong foothold in established and emerging global markets, delivering metal primary packaging solutions such as ROPP Closures and Closing Lids.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge production facilities boast a combined capacity of up to 1 billion closures annually. Located strategically in WADA (18,000 sq.ft), our primary production plant is complemented by two associate plants in Nasik (40,000 sq.ft factory area and 35,000 sq.ft printing area).

Global Presence, Local Expertise

We export our products to more than 25 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Australia, underscoring our global reach. Our commitment extends to a fully-owned subsidiary, Vipra Closures UK Ltd, reinforcing our presence in key markets.

Team Dedication and Certification

Behind our success stands a dynamic team of 50+ professionals, dedicated to delivering creative, vibrant, innovative, and sustainable products that distinguish us in the industry. We are proud to be a certified manufacturer of closures, holding prestigious certifications such as BRC/IOP & ISO 9001:2015. This ensures that all our products comply with the highest industry standards.

Expanding Horizons

In response to evolving industry needs, we've expanded our portfolio to include a wide spectrum of packaging solutions, including PET PREFORMS & PLASTIC CLOSURES.

At Vipra Closures, our legacy is built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to the success of our clients. Partner with us, and let’s redefine the future of packaging together.

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