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In a world hungry for knowledge and diverse perspectives, Terkel.io stands tall as an insightful platform that bridges the gap between curious minds and seasoned experts. This unique platform not only provides a space for individuals to ask questions and receive answers but also offers an exciting opportunity for contributors to get published and share their expertise with the world.

Achieve a minimum success rate of 30% in securing publication

Prior to delving into the platform and its features, let us address the primary motivation behind your interest in this article: the generation of high-quality backlinks.

Upon registering with Terkel, you gain the ability to select your specific area(s) of expertise and provide valuable insights by responding to inquiries from participating websites. The process is straightforward. Even on the free account, Terkel provides 3 credits that can be utilized to submit your answers.

Each credit equates to 1 answer or rather one opportunity to generate a high quality backlink. I have been using the platform for a few months now and I can assure you that these backlinks are indeed high quality backlinks! Now since I have your attention, let’s talk about the platform and how to use it to benefit from it.

Expert Mode and Publisher Mode on Terkel

The first thing to do is to sign up and set up your profile on the platform. You can choose to auto verify your account by signing up with either Twitter or LinkedIn; Or you can choose to sign up and verify manually (via email). Complete your profile by adding a link (your website link) to your profile and by selecting the industries you expertise in.

Expert Mode

The expert mode on Terkel is where you get to utilize the 3 FREE credits per month. Based on the industries selected, a plethora of questions would appear on your screen. You will also be able to see which website/company is looking for answers and accordingly make a choice if you would like to use that precious credit on them.

As mentioned earlier, on the FREE Plan you only get 3 credits per month and 1 credit equals to 1 opportunity to generate that high quality backlink. Use it wisely!

To answer any question you simply click on answer and a new window would open up. This is where you need to submit your answer or rather call it your expert opinion on the subject. Look out for character limitations as well. The answer should not exceed 1,000 words and cannot contain any link. Just plain text!

You should also be able to see a deadline for the answers next to the questions. This indicates that the answers must be submitted on or before this date after which the question will disappear from the questions tab.

Publisher Mode

The Publisher Mode is the complete opposite of the Expert Mode. Here you ask the question and others from your industry (experts) will respond with their expert opinions/answers. The best part about the Publisher Mode is that it’s unlimited!

You only utilize credits under the expert mode when you share your answers whereas on publisher mode, feel free to ask away as many questions as you like.

terkel publisher mode

You need to fill out simple details such as –

  1. The Topic Area (industry) for your question to appear.
  2. The Question that you would like to get answered.
  3. The Delivery Date (or the deadline) for your requested content.
  4. The Target Keyword (so that team Terkel can deliver you a SEO optimized content)
  5. The Article Title you are planning to keep for this content piece.
  6. Source (which is where the article will be published aka your website URL)
  7. Attribution Type (Dofollow, NoFollow or Unlinked Mention)
  8. Ready to use Article OR Quotes to use in your article.

How To Check If Your Answer Was Published?

For the experts reading this article, you can track the submitted answers on your dashboard itself. There are 3 stages that your answers will go through which are – In Review, Selected and Published. However it still doesn’t guarantee a high quality backlink and let me explain why.

Terkel charges $99 per month for a “Premium Plan” where users receive Editorial Support from Internal Team and data on the Link Type. This valuable information is hidden from the FREE users and it significantly reduces your chance of generating high quality dofollow backlinks.

Alternately, there is a good chance that your answer gets selected and published but you may end up with an “Unlinked Mention”. However, be rest assured that the minimum success rate is still at 30% even with the odds stacked against you. Here is some proof to hold my argument valid.

terkel success rate

As you can see for yourself, I have taken a screenshot of my own account and shared it with you. So far I have answered 13 questions out of which 3 have been published with a success rate of 30.77%.

You should also know that the 3 published answers, all ended up as “DoFollow Links”

How To Check If Your Article is Ready for Publishing?

This is simple, Terkel will notify you via an email that the article is ready to be published. The email will contain the article as well as a Google Drive link to download relevant images (Feature Image and Pull Quotes) for your article. All that’s left is to hop on to your CMS platform, copy then paste the article and hit publish.

However, there are times when Terkel isn’t able to deliver the articles. Unfortunately, you will come to know about this after the deadline has passed. You will receive an email from Terkel stating that they weren’t able to generate sufficient expert insights due to which they aren’t able to deliver as promised.

They will be happy in sharing as many insights that they were able to gather before the deadline. Generally, Terkel tries to deliver an article with at minimum 5-7 expert opinions to consider it as a complete piece of content, anything less than that and you get to take a call whether to use the content or leave it alltogether.

Hence, it’s important to have your content strategy in place and NOT solely rely on Terkel.

The Beautiful Side Effect of Terkel

Earlier, I shared a screenshot of my published articles and stated that these were all dofollow links. But, did I really generate just 3 high quality backlinks from this platform? Well, it’s time to cheer up because what I’m about to share with you will blow your mind. Get Ready!

FREE Content Marketing

Majority of the publishers will market their newly generated content from Terkel and in most cases, the articles will be syndicated with my website link intact. Hence, I generate more high quality links, not necessarily dofollow but high quality nofollow links as well.

Social Media Platforms

Several of these publishers choose to market their content on LinkedIn and they tag me in their post which gets me FREE branding and a small opportunity to add a few followers and grow my network. At times these articles also end up as LinkedIn newsletters with my links intact.

Reciprocal Links

Very rarely, an expert who got their answer published on your website will link back to you. This happens when the expert is trying to boost his own brand value by adding a “Featured In” section on their own website which results in a reciprocal link for me.

Networking and Guest Posting

The biggest benefit of Terkel isn’t the high quality backlinks but the ability to network with experts. If you remember, you needed to verify yourself on Terkel via Twitter or LinkedIn and guess what? When you request an article as a publisher you gain knowledge of the experts Twitter handle or LinkedIn Profile.

All there is left to do is connect with them and message them. Eventually, this will lead to guest posting opportunities in the future and more importantly, you will get to expand your network with the right set of people.

So, I won’t tell you exactly how many high quality links I have generated thanks to Terkel. I’ll let you use your imagination.

Thanks for reading. In case you are interested, here is an article on The Importance of Content Marketing for SEO since we spoke so much about content marketing at the end.

Feature Image by – Terkel.io

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